Redditch & Bromsgrove Dementia Friends Together

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What is a Dementia Friendly Community?

Redditch & Bromsgrove Dementia Friends Together are part of the Alzheimer's Society Dementia Friendly Communities programme, which focuses on improving inclusion and quality of life for people with dementia. Our Dementia Friends initiative is a key part of the programme

Making a brighter future

What do the public think?

In the UK it is estimated that 850,000 people have dementia. By 2021 this will increase to over 1 million people and by 2051 this will hit over 2 million. This is a growing concern that isn’t going away and should be high on everyone agenda. 1/3 of people live alone.

Public perceptions of dementia.

What is Dementia?

The term dementia describes a set of symptoms including memory loss, mood changes, and problems with communication and reasoning, which may cause difficulties with day-to-day tasks such as shopping and handling money. Dementia is not a natural part of growing old. It is caused by diseases of the brain, the most common being Alzheimer’s. Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. There currently is no cure and very little medical intervention.

Dementia is considered a social problem, rather than a medical condition, so unlike people with other conditions, for example cancer, people with dementia often pay for basic services, such as help with washing, toileting and dressing – effectively they are already subject to a ‘Dementia Tax’.

People don’t just lose their memories, they can lose confidence and may withdraw from the community causing loneliness and isolation and often making the symptoms worse. Often people may lose their friendships, careers, and the relationships they once had with their family members.

Dementia Friendly Businesses

    We want to involve as many businesses, professionals and organisations or individuals with an interest in providing an inclusive service for people living with dementia. OurThe Dementia Friends initiative is about giving more people an understanding of dementia and the small things that could make a difference to people living in their community. Anyone can become a Dementia Friend by attending a FREE information session.

    We provide a range of informative talks & Information stands on dementia awareness. We can offer your Worcestershire group, organisation or business a free 1 hr information and/or Dementia Friends session (Available Mon-Sun). To arrange a visit Contact Sam, our business coordinator...
  • Contact: Sam Wood on Tel:01905 621868  Mob:07507 767475

Dementia Friendly Employees

    How to help people with dementia: A guide for customer-facing staff.
    Guidance for staff in a customer service role, on how they can help to support customers with dementia.
    Creating a dementia friendly workplace: A practical guide for employers.
    Guide to supporting staff members with dementia. Also, a useful resource for people living with, or affected by, dementia in the workplace.​

Dementia Friendly Communities

DAA - Your business can support people living well with dementia.

    The Dementia Action Alliance is a government intuitive, active in your local area. Businesses sign up to the National Dementia Declaration for England by completing the DAA action plan on line, where you are required to put forward 7 actions working to become dementia friendly. These might be to become a dementia friend, or develop dementia friendly services (e.g. customer service, signage, lighting etc.), or a staff member could sit on your local DAA steering group.
    Just a few simple changes can make a big difference in our community. Your company can get help and support in setting up your actions, from Kat, your DAA coordinator...
  • Contact: Kat Hornner  on Tel:01905 621 868